Our experience
  • Roof overhaul for the FSBI "FTE Rosreestr" building
    Saint Petersburg, 15 Chapaev str.

  • Roof overhaul for the R.F. Meltzer Villa
    Saint Petersburg, Kamenny Island, Teatralnaya lane
  • Reconstruction of pitched heat-insulated roofs of buildings at the FSBI Health Resort "Valday" (RF Department for Presidential Affairs), including Stalin's Cottage No. 1, Stalin's Cottage No. 2, indoor tennis court.
  • Design and construction of roofs for private cottages (more than 35,000 m2 in area).

  • Design and construction of roofing and foundation damp-proofing for Sports and Recreation Center "YAVARA-Neva" and yacht club with an address at:
    Saint Petersburg, Petrogradsky District, Bychiy Island
  • Design and construction of the multilevel parking roof:
    Saint Petersburg, Krasnoselsky District, Brestsky avenue, Sector 1.

  • Engineering and construction of roof of Housing Estate "Tapiola"
    Saint-Petersburg, Admiralteisky district,
    108, Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala
  • Engineering and construction of the metal roof of "Outlet Village Pulkovo" shopping mall
    Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky District,
    60/1, Pulkovskoe Highway
  • Engineering and construction of the green roofs 5 500 m2 in area.

  • Engineering and construction of the slate roofs 2 500 m2 in area.